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Adam Robertson

Government Digital Service, GDS

Betty Mwema

Government Digital Service, GDS

Iain Boyd

Government Digital Service, GDS

Session time:

07 Mar 18:00 19:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Government runs on forms. It’s how we collect information from people to provide public services.

However document-based forms are often annoying, difficult, and even impossible for some people to complete. They lead to incomplete data, errors and lengthy back and forth to try to obtain the correct information.

With almost 9,000 document-based forms on GOV.UK, this can mean that people are unable to access the services they need. GOV.UK Forms, which launched in private beta in March 2022, is a new platform that makes it easy to create accessible online forms for GOV.UK.

They want to help government organisations create web versions of forms that will be more accessible, easier to use and faster to process.

This session will explore how GOV.UK Forms came to be, our mission, and the problems they hope to solve by building a digital form builder. We'll go over the process of designing the most complex and trickiest features. We have relied on continuous user research, multiple iterations, and the GOV.UK Design System.


  • An understanding of the GOV.UK Forms features
  • Awareness of the many GOV.UK usually do not meet accessibility regulations.
  • How to collect better data through online forms
  • We’ll also discuss how the GOV.UK Forms platform protects user data and helps users comply with data protection regulations. How to sign up and use GOV.UK Forms!

This session will include an interactive demo for participants to try out the GOV.UK Forms platform, share their feedback and ask any questions they may have.

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