Session type:


Presented by:

Sylvie Abookire


Session time:

07 Mar 18:00 19:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Do you have a dream or career goal but feel unsure of your next step? Are you seeking change or greater fulfillment in your design practice? The tools and methods we use every day as designers can help us creatively navigate our professional journeys and decisions.

Through reflective, hands-on activities, participants will assess the priorities and values that guide their practice, discover new insights about their motivations and opportunities, and set actionable goals that are aligned with these insights.


  • Learn how methods borrowed from a service design toolkit can support us in getting unstuck in our own professional journeys and decision-making.
  • Specific tools you can use on your own or with your team to support self-reflection, work satisfaction, and career growth as a designer.
  • Participate in a set of activities that build throughout the session from self-awareness, to self-insight, to setting clear, actionable, and energizing goals.
  • Confidence and momentum towards your goals through supportive, community-oriented prompts and interactions.

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